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Tanzania's Classical Safaris


At A Glance

Duration: 11 Days
Price: $4,600 - $5,800 per person
Best Time: March -April 2020 (Green Season)

1 Night  Arusha

3 Nights Ndutu Ngorongoro

Nights  Serengeti Central

2 Nights  Ndutu Maseki

Starts: Arusha

Ends: Arusha/Kilimanjaro Airport

The popular Northern circuit with the Serengeti and Ndutu offers one of the best classical safaris in Tanzania, especially if timed with the less crowded green season.

Don’t worry about being stuck  on safari – the gamedrives is part of adventure! In this tailored safari, we takes you deeper layer of Tanzania’s majesty wildlife viewing. It is not just the bush itself, but also the joy, wonder, and what it enables you to discover about yourself, the calmness and intensity all the same. This scheduled and  tailormade classical safari is best for ordinary travelers who are looking to spend a resonable budget for the uncompromised luxury experience.

Why late March-April?

Reason #1) We prefer March/April – its cheaper  and much less crowded. There is nothing to worry since you will always see the animals and rain will not affect anything. 

Earlier in the season (like late-March) the wildebeest are starting to crocs are hungrier and not yet satiated and lethargic from feasting on an abundance of wildebeest carcasses.  So mid-July is actually a better time to try to see croc predations, I was told. But if the migration were late, maybe the crossings from Kogatende to Lemai would be delayed and I could miss the crossing by trying to see the crocs.  This year the crossings were late.

Reason #2) Late March to early April is actually a better time to try see many cats and hunting dramas around Ndutu. 

Reason #3) Both the volume of visitors and the pricing, including airline tickets, are lower than during other months. KLM/Ethiopian/Qatal air booked early is an exciting deal to add on top of the safari cost.

Reason #4) January – early March in Southern plains of Ngorongoro (Ndutu) &  Serengeti (Kusini) is an expensive location and time of year, especially for a whole week, so a limited accommodation makes it overcrowded and chaotic spot fot the real wilderness wildlife viewing.


  • March -27 Depart USA/EUROPE on KLM/ETor QATAL

  • March -28  Arrive JRO, o/nt Machweo or Tulip in Arusha

  • March-29, 30, 31  Ndutu at Ndutu Undercanvas Camp. 7-ish hour drive from Arusha. 

  • April – 01, 02, 03,04  Serengeti Central at Kubukubu Tented Lodge. 2.5 hour drive from Ndutu

  • April – 05, 06, (back to) Lake Maseki Tented Lodge 2.5 hour drive from Central Serengeti

  • April – 07   Ndutu to JRO, depart on KLM. 7.75-ish hour drive from Lake Maseki Tented Lodge

  • April – 08  Arrive back home

The programme includes:

  • Accommodation.
  • Full board basis, three meals per day.
  • Drinking water.
  • Tea & Coffee.
  • Drinks (water & soft drinks and house wines).
  • Concession Fee
  • All park entry fee.
  • Private game viewing package.
  • Professional tour guides.
  • Unlimited game drives

Accommodations Recomendations

 “tell us exactly what you want and we will deliver”


The Great Migration Experience

Ndutu Migration

At A Glance

Duration: 12 Days
Price: $4,500 - $7,000 per person
Best Time: December -March 2020

1 Night: Arrive Kilimanjaro /Arusha Lake Duluti Lodge

5 Nights: Ndutu Ngorongoro

5 Nights: Ndutu Serengeti Kusini

Starts: Arusha

Ends: Kilimanjaro (JRO)

The Great Migration Experience is simply brilliant – you can’t compare to any other area in the Greater Serengeti Ngorongoro eco-system.

This itinerary is customized to offer a two week in Ndutu into two staying under canvas, with a 10-nights  in  Ngorongoro and Serengeti plains teeming up with animals in amazing quantities. We will be trying to be in Ndutu close to start of the rain and then continue to Kusini for what is traditionally peak birthing time in mid-February. Kusini, also exellently located for green season travel, divided the two Ndutu segments. We will be out each day about 12hours with packed breakfast and lunch, and enjoy our bush dinning and stretch outside the vehicle under acacia tree. Of course you dont have to be out 12 hours/day;It’s just a nice optinion.

This Safari  is focused on having the highest quality wildlife viewing, with top guiding and time to view the fascinating behavior of animals. We have designed it to suit a relaxed pace and thorough time spent in each park.


Why consider Ndutu in February and March 2020?

# – Enjoy a fabulous green endless plain

# – Its this time of the year when you may enjoy safari with relatively few cars

# – The Ndutu in late March has more benefits along with lower price

# – Offroading is a plus for your private game viewing and photography

# – Experience a smaller, rustic tented camp with excellent view and services

# – Track down the migration trailed with top predators 


  • 1 Night stay at Arusha on arrival
  • 5 Nights stay at Ndutu Ang’ata tented cam
  • 5 Nights stay at Ndutu Katikati  tented camp
  • Game drive at your pace –  early morning, afternoon or full day 
  • Game drive at Ngorongoro crater
  • Depart Flight home


FB: Full Board – Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Lunch

FI: Fully Inclusive – Bed, All Meals, Fees and Activities




cultural safari

At A Glance

Duration: 14 Days
Price: $3,500 - $4,500 per person
Best Time: Year round

Day 1: Arrive Kilimanjaro/Transfer. Overnight TPC Golf Cottages

Day 2: Morning at leisure/Golfing with evening bike at TPC sanctuary. O/N TPC

Day 3: Drive to Moshi Uhuru Museum with town tour. O/N Shu’mata Camp

Day 4: Full day Little Amboseli. O/N Shu’mata Camp

Day 5: Kilimanjaro Day Hike. O/N Kilimanjaro resort

Day 6: Drive to Mkomazi O/N Babu’s Camp

Day 7: Full day private  game viewing at Mkomazi O/N Babu’s Camp

Day 8: Drive to Lushoto. O/N Mambo View Cliff

Day 9: Full day Lushoto. O/N Mambo View Cliff

Day 10: Drive to Pangani. O/N Emayani Lodge

Day 11: Day at beach lesiure. O/N Emayani Lodge

Day 12: Drive to Tanga. O/N Bagamoyo

Day 13: Full day Dar es Salaam city tour. O/N Southern Sun

Day 14: Morning at leisure, afternoon drive to Dar airport for your flight home

A Different Kind of Safari, that brings work life balance

Immerse yourself in a Tanzania rarely seen on tours, with this very special Safari Guide Experts itinerary. Our 14-day program features private meetings with community leaders, schools, tribal herbalists, environmental activists, local organic farmers, artists and shamans who share their singular life experiences and help us understand the profound changes in Tanzania since its indepence day.

We’ll explore the beautiful Kilimanjaro region with acclaimed Chagga tribe custodian Siraki, tour bustling Moshi and Dar es Salaam, and spend time on the Swahili coast of the Tanga region. Throughout the program we will attend some local communities and tribal day-to-day activities (nothing is staged), meetings with journalists, activists, artists, and entrepreneurs, who are shaping the new face of Tanzania. Our program combines two spots of remote safari lodge in Mkomazi and Shu’mata conservancy, where we will explore the tranquil land and learn about critical conservation efforts. Join us for an in-depth exploration of one of the poorest 15 nations in the world – yet inspiring country of Tanzania.

  • Meet with the founder of the Uhuru Museum, Mr McMilan Siraki, an abstract artist and painter, as he explains the details of intercultural Tanzania, at his museum studio in Moshi Town.
  • Hear from Mary Mushi, a well-known small scale organic farmer and local farmer’s rights activist, who serves for the slow food community.
  • Learn about the issue of natural resources, political activism, and identity on Kilimanjaro. Mr Kipokola Elly is an independent attorney, based in Kilimanjaro with many accolades in social justice.
  • The stay at Shu’mata brings you deep inside the indigenous medicine and sacred places in traditional Maasai culture, on a one-of-a-kind healing journey through the stunning natural land.
  • Take a private, guided full-day hike to the Shira Plateau on Mountain Kilimanjaro.
  • Enjoy two nights private tours of little Amboseli, in search for elephants on foot with a night game drive to add on your nocturnal wildlife.
  • Spend two nights at the incomparable Babus Camp at Mkomazi where we will embark on safari drives in search of the “CATS” and visit the black rhinoceros breeding project.
  • Hike the beautiful hills on the Eastern Usambara and meet with Mambo View Cliff entrepreneur Herman to enjoy a home-cooked meal and hear his inspiring story about starting his own eco-friendly home-like ambiance lodge.
  • Enjoy Swahili cooking class in Tanga, known for its spacious and tasty food, that is home to a blend of cultures with a strong Muslim influence.
  • The town of Bagamoyo is home to world class historical sites and one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, with rich cultural heritage waiting you to explore.
  • Enjoy in-depth explorations of Dar Es Salaam TownTanga and Moshi, including such sites as the acclaimed Bagamoyo and Slave Trade Museums, and the incomparable Arts school.



Detailed day by day itinerary available on request.




Happy Honeymoon Holiday - Tanzania is for Lovers


At A Glance

Duration: 14 Days
Price: $4,690 - $6,212 per person
Best Time: year round

1 Night Salsalnero Villa hotel

6 Nights Private Zanzibar at Melia terrace

2 Night Ngorongoro Conservation Area

1 Night Tarangire National Park

2 Nights Lake

Starts: Moshi

Ends: Arusha/Airport

Luxury is much more than just spas and resorts!

Share individualized service with the one you love in the paradise of Zanzibar. Few places in the world can equal the beauty of long stretches of white sand and aquamarine waters, which boast excellent diving and snorkeling.

Here, your all-inclusive resort can arrange tranquil and private accommodations and activities for you during your stay. Next, you are off to the quintessential Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire parks a for a thrilling safari experience in five star accommodation. For your honeymoon, we recommend adding a romantic hot-air balloon safari with our exclusive discount (see introduction). Enjoy VIP treatment and luxury during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter Africa.



  • Leisure at Zanzibar beaches
  • Full-day game drive in Ngorongoro Crater; relaxing on the crater rim
  • Two game drive at lake manyara, Night game drive and leisure
  • Game drive in Tarangire National Park
  • Leisure at Olasiti Lodge in arusha
  • Flight home






Family Expedition Safari - A Family Experience in Style

Itinerary-Family Expedition

At A Glance

Duration: 11 Days
Price: $5,831 - $4,992
Best Time: December - March and June - September

1 Night Moshi

1 Night Ndarakwai conservancy

2 Nights Tarangire National Park

2 Nights Ngorongoro Conservation Area

4 Nights Serengeti National Park

Flight from Serengeti to Kilimanjaro Airport

Starts: Arusha

Ends: Arusha

The Family Expedition Safari is a wonderful way for the family and friends to create a memorable experience together.

This special guided tour gives parents and children a glimpse into the life of the real lion king! Children learn about everything from animal habitats and behaviours, to bush survival, like making their own twig toothbrushes, identifying animal footprints, and making a fire without match. Change their perspectives while being close to nature and dancing with Masaai warriors! On any safari, but with families in particular, the purpose is to have an eye-opening and educational experience that will stay with them for many years.



  • Nature walks, cultural tours and leisure in Ndarakwai Ranch
  • Two game drives and one night drive in Tarangire National Park
  • Full-day game drive in Ngorongoro Crater; relaxing on the crater rim
  • Olduvai Gorge – museum, walking in the gorge, visit Shifting Sands
  • Four days of game drives and a sundowner in Serengeti National Park






The Exotic Experience - Safari & Zanzibar

Itinerary-Exotic Experience

At A Glance

Duration: 12 Days
Price: $3,551 - $4,235 per person
Best Time: all year except April – May

1 Night Arusha

1 Night Tarangire National Park

3 Nights Serengeti National Park

1 Night Ngorongoro Conservation Area

1 Night Lake Eyasi

4 Nights Zanzibar

Starts: Arusha

Ends: Zanzibar

The Luxury of Experience Safari: 12 Affordable Days On Safari and In Paradise.

This tour combines wildlife, beaches and cultural experiences led by a superb safari guide expert. Explore areas few people know exist, avoid the crowds and meet one of the last hunter gatherer tribes on Earth, the Wahadzabe. Finish with a restful four days on white-sand beach.

Few countries in the world can equal Zanzibar’s beauty, providing the backdrop for excellent diving and snorkeling in the clear, turquoise, warm waters of the Indian Ocean. A tour of Stone Town, a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site, gives you an opportunity to explore the winding streets, the former slave market, and the old Cathedral while learning about this ancient city’s history and architecture.



  • Game drive in Tarangire National Park
  • Olduvai Gorge – museum, walking in the gorge, visit Shifting Sands
  • Serengeti National Park: Walking tour, two full-day game drives
  • Game drive in Ngorongoro Crater
  • Cultural walk with Wahadzabe hunter-gatherers
  • Three days’ beach relaxation in Zanzibar
  • Stone Town Tour






Special Interest Tanzania Safari - By Road and By Foot

Tanzania Special Interest Safari

At A Glance

Duration: 12 Days | 11 Nights
Price: From $4,500 - $5,500 per person (Min 2 Guests)
Best Time: May, June, Oct, Nov, Jan


1 Night Moshi

2 Nights West Kilimanjaro

4 Nights Lahia Tnted Lodge -Central Serengeti National Park

2 Night Ndutu Tented Lodge  (Walking Safari/Geological Discovery)

1 Night Lake Eyasi

1 Night Lake Manyara (Biking Safari or Cultural tour)

Starts in Moshi

Ends at Kilimanjaro Airport

Tanzania Special Interest Safari: for those that want a deeper wildlife and people experience.

Sometimes it’s better to get out of the vehicle and walk! The wildlife of Tanzania is wonderful, but it is the people who really shape this country. This safari offers an opportunity to meet Hadzabe hunter-gatherers on their own ground. The walking tours of West Kilimanjaro have you tracking elephants and visiting the famous Maasai market full of handicrafts, jewelry, and artistry. The flight from Arusha will provide you with a very rare and fascinating view of Ngorongoro crater before landing on the vast Serengeti plains. This safari is suitable for people who are fit for walking in one  to two hour increments.


  • Bush walk, Maasai culture experience, night game drive  and leisure at West Kilimanjaro
  • Evening game drive, full-day game drive and morning game drive in Serengeti
  • Crater tour and game drive at Ngorongoro Crater
  • Cultural tour at Lake Eyasi with day in the life of bushmans
  • Walking Safari at Ndutu in Ngorongoro 
  • Bike ride tour at Lake Manyara and Mto wa Mbu village






Serengeti Premieres - Explore Serengeti Plains


At A Glance

Duration: 10 Days | 9 Nights
Price: Price From : $7,800 - $9,900 per person sharing (incl.Internal flights)
Best Time: Recomended Travel Season: November - May


1 Arrival Transfer to  Arusha hotel O/N

5 Nights Namiri Plains at Serengeti National Park

1 Night Lake Maseki at Ngorongoro arriving for leisure

2 Nights Tarangire Maramboi Tented Camp

Starts: Arusha

Ends: Kilimanjaro Airport

Namiri Plains is a must to any big cats enthusiast : The Unparalleled Experience

Serengeti Premieres is inspired by Discovery channel 2019, custom designed for exploring the vast,  nearly untouched plains of Tanzania in Serengeti.  The Safari program will explore the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania, following the day-to-day existence of lions, cheetah, elephants and wildebeests, among other animals.

Namiri is in the extremely remote part of  Eastern Serengeti.  The area is renown for their Lion and Cheetah populations ….vast wide open plains dotted with kopjes and acacia forests in the adjoining areas.  Simply brilliant – you can’t compare to any other area in the Greater Serengeti eco-system. Very low vehicle density in the area – No circus here like can happen in the Mara or Ndutu/Seronera.  

Expansive views, serious comfort, exceptional privacy and unrivalled sightings of apex predators in a region of the Serengeti come together to give you an exclusive and action-packed safari experience.

The camp is high in demand but if you can get space at the camp, you must go.  



  • Arrival and transfer to Arusha for O/N
  • Flight to Serengeti central 
  • 5 nights unlimited  game drives at Namiri Plains with leisure
  • Half day leisure at Lake Maseki Lodge
  • Game drive in Ngorongoro Crater
  • Maramboi arriving for leisure (swimming)
  • Tarangire full day gamedrive




Ultimate Tanzania Experience - North and South in Comfort

cheetah mama

At A Glance

Duration: 11 Days
Price: $4,573 - $5,921 per person
Best Time: year round

1 Night Arusha

2 Nights Lake Manyara National Park

2 Nights Ngorongoro Conservation Area

3 Nights Serengeti National Park

3 Nights Selous Game reserve

Starts: Arusha

Ends in Dar es Salaam

Ultimate Tanzania Experience Safari: Wonderful Wildlife Awaits You

This itinerary combines the beauties of the Northern Circuit with the uncrowded magnificence of the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania. Flying from Serengeti National Park in a chartered plane, you will have fantastic aerial views on your way to Selous, the largest game reserve in Africa, and home to an immense diversity of habitats and wildlife.




  • evening walking, cultural tour or biking at the lake shore at Lake Manyara;
  • two game drives at Lake Manyara National Park;
  • leisure (swimming) and coffee farm walk at Ngorongoro Farm House; full day game drive at Ngorongoro Crater;
  • Visit Olduvai Gorge and Shifting Sands;
  • game drive en route to Serengeti Serena, arriving for dinner;
  • 2 full-day game drives in Serengeti (optional balloon trip);
  • one full-day game drive in Selous Game Reserve and one half-day game drive.