Itinerary Planning

Safari Planning Wisdom from the Bush University

What is your dream safari? There is no single right way to go on safari; your choice will depend on your interests, your timetable and your budget. For most people, an African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the realization of a dream. Unfortunately, planning a safari can become bogged down in the endless number of choices; not everyone wants the same thing. Whether you want luxury or adventure camping, or something in between? Are you primarily interested in seeing big mammals, or birds, or both? Photography? Hiking? Walking through local markets? Culture and history? Relaxing by the pool? Do you have special needs or health concerns? Safari Guides Experts can tailor a safari that will be ideal for you.

Safari Guide Experts customizes private safaris for individuals and small groups, bringing to each an insider’s knowledge of destinations which can only come from living in Africa and not from simply passing through. We pay attention to details such as minimizing transit time, interesting side trips and opportunities for unscripted interactions with local people. Our safaris are all-inclusive, which means that you will not find yourself surprised by extra costs for various activities. We don’t stint on gasoline, so your game drives can take you as far as you desire.

You can view some sample safaris, ranging from luxury to adventure, and including a diverse mix of wildlife viewing, cultural encounters, and explorations on foot. These will provide you with a starting point to consider the type of safari you want, the places you would like to visit, and the things you would like to do. You can choose one of these safaris as-is or use one as the basis for your own custom safari, or start from scratch with your own ideas.

We’ve included it all, from the Serengeti Great Migration to the remote, little-visited Selous National Park; from luxury private tented camps to trekking and camping in the Ngorongoro Highlands; from Zanzibar and its beaches to the eastern coast to tracking Chimps at Gombe, Stream on the shores of Lake Tanganyika to the west; Olduvai Gorge and its Shifting Sands, the magic of the Lake Natron and its flamingoes and the active volcano Ol Donyo Lengai; walking through the lands of the Maasai and visiting the Wahadzabe hunter-gatherers of Lake Eyasi.

No words or pictures can capture the full experience of this wild and beautiful country. Come explore it with us.