About Safari Guide Experts

Dear Adventurers,

Travel is a personal passion of mine, and I delight in being able to bring together the team of elite Safari Guides and Mountain Guides so that we may share our knowledge with fellow travelers and adventurous souls.

I have worked and lived as a safari guide for fourteen years. Although I knew the best guides are created in the bush and not in a classroom, I attended the various schools including Utalii College, Wildlife Campus Field Guides, Jane Goodall institute determined to become the best naturalist I could be. I had the privilege of being a safari guide for a number of esteemed outfits operating safaris throughout eastern and southern Africa. Today, I am a guest speaker at many safari guide training schools, and I have saved as the  Chairman of the Tanzanian Safari Guide Association.

I have sincerely fallen in love with the bush and the people with whom we share the many hours and days of a trek. I believe guiding is far more about people than animals, and through this career I have formed lifelong friendships with people I have met on safari. I have had opportunities to travel and give talks about my safari guide career to groups and schools around Europe and America. Through it all, I enjoy sharing this unique gift that allows me to interpret complex biological terminology into an everyday language.

Safari Guide Experts is more than storytelling or pointing animals out to clients. We strive to make sure your adventure is both fun and educational. We truly love the bush, and value the role every animal plays in nature, not just the “Big Five.” We never tire of spending time with wildlife, no matter how common particular animals may seem.

There is no doubt that your guide has all your dreams and expectations in his/her hands and can make or break your African holiday. For most, a trip through Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we want you to go back home and say your Safari was “fantastic!” We are proud to have a superb team of people alongside us (Team SGE-5). With Safari Guide Experts, you don’t just get a safari, you get an adventure that will stay with you forever.

Please feel free to contact me and peruse the profiles of my partners,  Henry Nkuwi, Iddi Assadi, Azizi Amani, and Cyprian Mallya. Asante sana (thank you) for considering us for your travels.

Best wishes,

Safari Guide Experts is the trading name for #Trek2Kili Ltd